I did not make this video but I am sharing it! It is hilarious!

How do you keep in shape? Not just in life but in your acting?

My trainer (one of the many amazing trainers at the Y) in one of his classes (again one of the many amazing classes at the Y) directs us in this way. He says “I bring the moves, you bring the intensity”. And we all work on the following:


Since I am an actor and being an actor is kind of my frame of reference or my point of view I often find my brain automatically linking important, useful, intelligent info to my work as an actor.

So here goes…how I translate GYM talk to actor talk

Cardio- wow look at all this LOVE be open to all this LOVE

Balance- career, parenting, health, community, friends, family

Agility- changing gears from oh hey kicking back cleaning my kitchen to “okay here we go 8 pages of script to learn before morning”

Speed-“okay here we go 8 pages of script to learn before morning” (yes I am repeating here)

Co-ordination-getting everything working together. Start learning script, make pizza with the kidlet, get kid in bath while pizza in oven, try to keep pages of script from getting soaked while memorizing and washing kidlets hair, eat pizza while texting bff to see if she can take kidlet to bookstore while I am at audition….you know that kind of co-ordination.

Core-no flailing allowed!

Strength-because sometimes I actually am required to do a bunch of pushups at an audition (okay they are usually emotional ones) and burpees too. Ha…what exactly would an emotional burpee look like??

THANKS to FC for being a kick butt trainer.

And hey…if you read this far…THANKS to you too! would LOVE to hear how you take something from one area of your life and apply it to another.



2 thoughts on “Staying in Shape

  1. The video was funny! Your comments were thought-provoking. My transfer is discipline. The same thing that makes me head out for my walk, resist the mouth-watering dessert, clean house, also pushes me to get out of bed and write. Seems when one fails, they all start to wobble.

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