Mama gets a free weekend. Mama writes a poem.

I have a free weekend!
My amazing 4 year old is away for the weekend with my in-laws.
24 hours into my free weekend and this is how it has gone:
I did a supported headstand in power yoga class
I wrote a poem
I drank beer and slept late
I watched a great movie that stars my friend

Next up I will clean my house and crank the Itunes, go on a date, discuss the future a little, drink some wine, sleep late again, watch the Oscars (and eat popcorn) in my jam jams.

Then I will start missing my kid. Until then….

Check out my poem:

Granville Street four guys in jeans walk into the egg place
It was a late night
There was good beer
I am half a block up and I am craving eggs now
I am craving four pairs of jeans on a floor somewhere, abandoned
The men play video games and drink the good beer
I wash the jeans and drink one beer
I treat myself to eggs
Poached with sauce
-written Feb 20/15

Have a great weekend my friends! Eat some eggs.


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